My to-do list, and my didn’t-do list

This was my plan for the weekend:
– work on Christmas cards
– go shopping at Costco
– buy and plant spring bulbs in front yard
– get lawn mowed
– clean kitchen
– cook healthy meals for all according to the South Beach diet
– do laundry
– iron
– clean bathroom
– clean up closet

What I didn’t do:
– work on Christmas cards
– clean kitchen
– actually cook healthy meals for ALL per SB diet
– finish ironing
– clean bathroom
– finish cleaning up closet

I did manage to get the Costco shopping done. We seemed to be out of everything at once – garbage bags, bag o’ frozen chicken, rice, mac and cheese… you know, essential staples of American life! – so the Costco trip was a “must-do-or-die” errand. Fortunately, the new Costco we are shopping at has the wonderful luxury of two-seater carts. It is my dream come true. So the Munchkin and Little Tad ride side-by-side, share the samples together, giggle with each other, and smile charmingly at other shoppers… until the Munchkin decides that Tad is not paying attention to her and either puts in a headlock or grabs both of his ears to pull him toward her.

Ow. Not fun.

I bought tulip, daffodil/narcissus, and crocus bulbs at Costco and I did get them planted on Saturday afternoon while Tad napped, the Webmaster mowed the lawn, and the Munchkin “helped” me plant the bulbs. She mostly moved dirt around, found rocks, handed me bulbs and finally got her sidewalk chalk out to draw on the pavement before hiding behind a rhododenron bush and pooping in her panties, thus sending us all inside for cleanup and lunch.

The kitchen is a perpetual pit. I did run the dishwasher, though.

I actually have quite a bit of fresh vegetables in the house at the moment, and have made a couple of terrific stir-frys for myself and the Webmaster. However, the first night I made one, I served the kids chicken nuggets and ravioli and peas, which they liked, but it meant that I had to create 2 dinners. So, I decided that what was good enough for us was good enough for them, and I dished them up a yummy chicken stir-fry that contained carrots, celery, red bell peppers, onions, sugar snap peas, and broccoli.

Tad, of course, ate decently, but not as ravenously as he usually does at dinner. The Munchkin turned her nose up at it totally after nibbling on a few sugar snap peas, and then demanded mac and cheese. Oh, no, we said. A fit ensued. She ended up too hysterical to eat anything because she was crying so hard against the injustice of the world and mean parents who insisted that she eat healthy food and wouldn’t give her a different meal.

She is going to be VERY hungry this morning, methinks.

Laundry is actually done, folded, AND put away, but I got lazy on the ironing and only did the clothes we needed for Sunday, not the rest. Shame on me.

The bathroom needs a hose, Clorox bleach, and new towels. Argh.

I was trying to organize the mess of presents (both Christmas and birthday) that are living in my closet at the moment. I did get some things straightened out, but then I surrendered to fate and shut the door so I wouldn’t have to look at the mess. Oh, well. I’ll find it all when I have to wrap it.

And my cards? I’m waiting for my order (due today according to UPS!!!), so I decided to be lazy and just look at other people’s pretty cards on SplitCoastStampers. Got some good ideas, though. Maybe not a total waste of time.

I give myself a C+ in productivity this weekend (the plus is for the bulbs that got planted in one afternoon). I hope everyone else did better than I did and got more sleep while doing it.

PS – Huskies – yay! Seahawks – double yay! Mariners – please, just let this season end on a POSITIVE note…

One Response to “My to-do list, and my didn’t-do list”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    September 25th, 2006 09:02

    Well, that’s life. We rarely get eveything done on our lists. Don’t feel bad about the SB diet stuff, diets are always an adjustment and hard stick with, especially with kids. I have to make separate meals for Little Cousin sometimes. She tried salmon last week and spit it out, so the next time I make salmon, she can have pasta.