Biting the bullet and bunny-dependent

A couple of kid news updates:

The Munchkin is potty-trained!!! (angels sing “Hallelujah” chorus in background)

We bit the proverbial bullet yesterday morning when I was getting her dressed for church. “Munchkin, do you want to wear Pull-Ups or panties to Sunday school today?” I asked.

She had opted for Pull-Ups last week. But she didn’t spend much time thinking about it this time. “I wanna wear Elmo panties,” she requested. I obliged, but I stressed to her the importance of telling her teachers if she needed to use the potty, because an accident in a skirt and tights is not a pretty thing.

“You need to listen to your body, and tell your teacher if you have to go to the potty,” I kept reminding her as I got her dressed.

“Okay, Mommy,” she replied.

I have been getting into the habit of taking her to the potty myself between services if she hasn’t gone to the bathroom during the first service. The first time I did that, she flipped out and cried all the way to the bathroom, because she thought I was making her leave Sunday school early. Now, she goes with me willingly because she knows that she gets to go back and play. So, we did the potty run and she went, so I gave her back to her teacher with an empty bladder, which is half the battle.

The Webmaster picked her up after second service, and when we finally met back up (I was retrieving Tad from the nursery), he had big news for me. “Her teacher told me that she asked to go to the bathroom and she pooped!”

This was a big deal, especially for this teacher, who was, unfortunately, on the receiving end of the big poop blowout on the first day of Sunday school. So the Webmaster and I applauded the Munchkin, promised her a gummy fruit snack pack when she got home, and picked up Wendy’s chicken nuggets and fries as a special reward.

We are still using Pull-ups when she sleeps. While she can make it through naps dry (most of the time), she rarely wakes up dry in the mornings. So, maybe she’s not totally potty-trained. But when she can tell other adults that it’s time to go, and she goes, and we’re not having to nag at her all the time, I call that pretty well trained. We bit the bullet and it didn’t bite back. I know that there will still be accidents, but they will be the exception, not the norm.

I am SO proud of her!!!

And now, on to Tad…

Note to self: wash the bunny blanket, because he’s loved it right through this cold of his and it’s, um, a little ripe and crusty.

I’m sure you all needed to know that.

That bunny blanket has become his lovey. Sure, he does love on other stuffed animals, like his lion and Roo, but the bunny blanket is the only one he will carry around the house and absolutely want when he is tired. And we forgot to take it last night when we went to Friend and Doc’s for dinner.

Sundays just wear the kids out. We get an early start to the day to make the 9 am service, and by the time we leave, they are so ready for some lunch and naps (and sometimes just the nap without the lunch). By evening, even with a nap under their belts, they are pretty worn out. And poor Little Tad was so wiped that he just wanted his mommy, his bunny, and his crib. There was only Mommy, and he just had his head on my shoulder and was crying into my sweater. He fell asleep on the way home, and since he was already in pajamas and I’d brushed his teeth, I put him right into his crib. I put his bunny blanket right next to him and even in his sleep, he curled up with it.


Still, I need to stick that thing in a pillowcase and send it through a cold load of laundry. The Webmaster gave it a whiff yesterday morning and claimed it nearly put him out. Good thing this lovey is machine washable.

2 Responses to “Biting the bullet and bunny-dependent”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    October 16th, 2006 07:32

    Give them hugs from me, I miss them so much!

  2. DozeyMagz
    October 17th, 2006 05:11

    Sweet little babalings!