Overbooked weekend

Or, how the Webmaster gets stuck with the kids for most of the weekend.

This is how my schedule looks, starting today:

Dentist appointments for myself and the Webmaster in the morning, after which I will either be driving him from Carillon Point in Kirkland to work in downtown Seattle, or he will have to find some kind of bus to take him. It is a toss-up whether or not the kids will go, though the staff will be really disappointed if they don’t come and our dentist has a salt-water fish tank populated by all the species shown in Finding Nemo, which the kids love. So I’m thinking they’re probably going. Tad is starting to return to normal, so unless you are handling his diaper or making mouth-to-mouth contact, he’s probably not able to get anyone sick. The Munchkin is still doing perfectly fine, which is great (and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way).

Stamp camp this evening at my parents’ house, hosted by my mother and Auntie. If the Webmaster manages to get home from work on time, then he will keep the kids at home. If not, they will have to go with me. Not that it isn’t workable, because Grandma and Gichan have lots of fun toys, but this is going to be my largest stamp camp yet (I have prepared 12 of each card, and I have a confirmed 10 doing the cards) and I really need to be focusing on the camp, not the kids. So the Webmaster may have to come and get the kids at some point. And while the boxes for the camps are ready (except instructions for 7 of 8 cards, which I need to type up), I still have to pack up all of my stuff for the camp. Hopefully the kids will nap well this afternoon.

Saturday morning – regional quarterly Stampin’ Up meeting. Four-plus hours of stamping, swapping, lunch and people who speak the same language I do. By that, I mean they know all 48 color names in the Stampin’ Up catalog, plus all the extra special accessory names. It’s like a secret code. It’s fun. Anyway, I just finished making 26 swap card fronts, so once I get my name and card “recipe” printed up on sticker labels for the backs, I’ll be ready for the meeting.

Immediately after the meeting – Carter’s Mom’s baby shower. I will be late arriving, but my card is made and my gifts are in boxes, though not wrapped yet. I’m looking forward to going.

The upshot of all this insanity is that the Webmaster is going to be the primary caregiver Friday night and most of Saturday. I will probably have to send him out to the shooting range at Wade’s on Sunday afternoon to make it up to him. He would like that.

I hope that everyone else’s weekend isn’t double-booked like mine. Have a good one, people, and I’ll see some of you around. The rest of you, check back in on Monday to make sure that I’m still in one piece.

One Response to “Overbooked weekend”

  1. DozeyMagz
    November 5th, 2006 04:01

    How do you find the time!? It sounds like a really nice weekend you have planned. I wish I could come to the Stamping Meeting! I’m meant to have a selection of Christmas cards made for our Playgroup Christmas Fair which is happening on November 14th! EEK!