In recovery… and updates

The Munchkin has not pooped in over 24 hours. I think we may be in the clear…

Tad, on the other hand, has decided to loosen himself up a bit by eating the corners off two board books. I swear, we can’t leave anything out that he could sink his teeth into! I caught him trying to chew on our concrete hearth earlier!

Auntie came over for dinner last night. My grandmother was having some minor surgery, and my mother went up to the hospital to stay with her and my step-grandfather. Auntie had the day off – actually, she has today off, too. What is with these “teacher inservice days”?? Anyway, I sent the Webmaster to pick her and some pizza up, and then we all sat around and watched Cars again, until my mother came to get her.

The Webmaster is going on a business trip at the end of the month. This is his first business trip since… 2002, I think. Definitely long before we had the Munchkin. Anyway, it will be post-Thanksgiving, so he won’t miss Belle and her mommy coming to visit, and pre-Little Cousin and her mommy’s visit, so he won’t miss them, either. But he’s going to be gone 5 nights, and I will be a single parent. He’s off to Salt Lake City for a training class – you know, somewhere where he can cut loose and enjoy the party scene after classes are done for the day! Just kidding. I have a feeling it will be a loooong week…

And me? I’m still in Christmas card mode. Not my own – the Captain’s. I’m halfway done with his order of Christmas cards, to be shipped to Baghdad as soon as I’m finished. Once his are finished (hopefully by Monday), I have to get cracking on mine. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this late without having my own cards finished. I’m getting to the point where it’s almost time to cut out anything extraneous – like, say, a Christmas card stamp camp. With the Webmaster going on this business trip and December fast approaching, my time is running away from me. Since I’ve met my minimums for this business quarter, I’m okay, but I really would have liked to do more. But I have other, pressing projects before me, and I think I’m almost ready to kiss this particular goal good-bye.

Must go find some sleep. Anyone have any idea where I left it?

2 Responses to “In recovery… and updates”

  1. Dozeymagz
    November 10th, 2006 07:21

    Hmmmm – there is an Inservice day here too…. I’m beginning to think those teachers are up to something…!

  2. Juliet
    November 10th, 2006 16:33

    The schools in the county where we live had Monday and Tuesday off–I think it was a straight holiday, not even an inservice day, for the election. Good thing, because we voted at the high school.

    I actually really, really liked Salt Lake City when we were there in June. Once you get used to the odd street numbering system, it’s very easily navigable. It’s very pretty with the Wasatch Mountains right at the edge of the city, and it’s a few hours from a bunch of national parks if there’s time to visit them. And as for alcohol, you can order it in restaurants with food, which is about the only way I ever drink anyhow.

    There’s a good Mexican restaurant called the Red Iguana a few blocks west of Temple Square. I highly recommend it to the Webmaster. Very good moles.