Here’s what everyone in the Corner House is reading right now:

The Webmaster: Londonistan by Melanie Phillips. It was recommended by a speaker on missions and Islam at our church about a month ago. The Webmaster has been able to do a lot of reading since taking this new job – he’s one of those lucky people who can read while riding a bus. I get violently sick. Such is the balance of the universe preserved, I suppose.

The Munchkin: Olivia and the Missing Toy by Ian Falconer. Friend had us borrow the original Olivia book, saying, “This should actually be named ‘The Munchkin’, in my opinion.” She loved the original, and we bought her this one last Friday. She’s read it every day since and loves it. My favorite line comes when Olivia is looking at herself in the mirror and holding up her soccer jersey: “Olivia’s uniform comes in a really unattractive green.” The Munchkin’s favorite line: “Wooshee gaga.”

Little Tad: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd. Did I mention that he’s eaten a corner off the book? We just introduced him to The Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boynton and he seems to like it.

Me: I’ve been re-reading Star Trek novels in an attempt to stave off the fact that I have nothing new to read. I’m semi-patiently waiting for some Star Trek and Star Wars books to go from hardback to paperback, and I haven’t bought anything new recently for myself. Oh, well. I should be making Christmas cards, anyway. But I finished all of the Captain’s cards!!! They are in a box heading to Iraq today!!! *whew* Now, I can get cracking on mine. But if anyone has some book suggestions, I’ll gladly take them.

2 Responses to “Book-o-meter”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    November 14th, 2006 10:01

    I’m currently enjoying “The Wives of Henry VII” by Antonia Fraser. You may have read something similar, but this is very interesting. For a funny read, J.K. Rowling wrote “Quidditch Through the Ages” and “Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them.” The latter is downright hilarious!

  2. Matthew
    November 14th, 2006 21:50

    Both books being read (eaten?) by Little Tad are also enjoyed by TheMonk and Swee’Pea. In Goodnight Moon Swee’Pea always points out the kitties playing in the middle of the room.