There ought to be a law against celebrating Christmas early.

Belle and her Mommy are arriving next Monday (that’s my baby niece and my sister-in-law, for those who don’t know), and I spent part of last evening hauling Christmas presents out of my closet and jump-starting the wrapping. I think I’m done with Belle, but I only have one thing for her Mommy and I’m feeling a little panicky… because we’re “celebrating” Christmas with them two days after Thanksgiving, which means I need to be done shopping, um, NOW! And she’s not making it easy for me to shop for her. At this rate, she’s going to end up with a gift card, but that may not be a bad thing, since I seem to be contorting my mind into knots trying to think of gifts for her. At some point, even I have to toss in the towel.


On that same note of panic, CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!

I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.


Ever feel like you should do something, even though you’re under no obligation to do it?

I spent 45 minutes at Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday, the Munchkin in the cart as my trusty sidekick, reading 51 pages of a wedding registry and trying to buy a suitable bridal shower gift for someone I don’t really know. Yes, the registry is 51 pages long, because BB&B only puts 10 items on a page. The waste of paper is unbelievable. Yes, they registered for half the store, including china and flatware. Why am I doing this? Because this is a newer couple at our church, they’re getting married in two weeks, I don’t think they know that many people, and I have a sinking feeling that no one is going to show up to this shower. I probably wouldn’t have bothered, except that the Webmaster and I have struck up an acquaintance with the bride’s father, and my brother-in-law, Oddball, had a few college classes with the groom. How many degrees of separation does that make?

I’m trying to be nice, darn it. Plus it means that the Webmaster watches the kids while I go to the shower and behave like an adult, which is always good for me. And my trip to BB&B yielded a set of 4 Christmas stocking hooks that will actually hold our stockings without the sometimes obnoxious and often expensive tree/angel/reindeer/snowflake that would eat up space on our mantel. No more masking tape! Woo-hoo!


The sun came out yesterday, and I took the kids to the park for a short playtime before we headed off to Obachan’s for our weekly lunch (which we haven’t been able to do for two weeks because the kids were sick). It was very wet, and I took a towel to wipe off the play equipment, but they had a pretty good time, except when Tad tried to run back into the parking lot. He wanted to run, and I was trying to keep him near the Munchkin so I didn’t just abandon her. He also sampled the bark, which was rather damp for his tastes. Apparently he likes his bark dry, thank you.


And to wrap things up on a lighter note, Juliet found this site via her other blogging gig, did it for herself, and so I decided to take a crack at it. So, I present… myself and the Webmaster as South Park characters. Everyone should give it a try!

Deanna in South Park

The Webmaster in South Park

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Juliet
    November 18th, 2006 17:06

    The gun really makes the outfit, doesn’t it?