Apple tea

The Munchkin has a cough and cold at the moment. Perfect timing, eh?

So far, Tad is unaffected, but the Munchkin is taking her meds quite well (good thing I went and had that yucky one flavored up at Target – we went with strawberry creme) and remembers to cover her mouth about half the time when she coughs. I’m trying to teach her to cough into the crook of her elbow, since it is much more sanitary than coughing into one’s own hand. What happens when you don’t wash said hand? GERMS ALL OVER THE PLACE. But I digress…

The Munchkin is quite fond of tea parties, and so I have been giving her “tea” in an attempt to put a hot liquid down her throat and break up her cough. Milk, because it would just add to the thickness of whatever is in her chest at the moment, is somewhat off-limits. So I’ve been pushing my own version of apple tea. It’s not really tea. I make it by heating up water, filling a teacup to about half full, and then filling it the rest of the way with apple juice. That way, it’s not scalding hot, but pleasantly warm and sweet enough for her to drink. I’m not adding any extra spices or sugar to it, so it isn’t a cider. I’ve named it apple tea, and she loves it.

I also gave her a cough drop and told her it was candy. It was a Ricola Honey Lemon. She thought it was pretty good, but I had to keep telling her to suck on it, not crunch it up and eat it. She really didn’t listen to me.

She does keep thanking me for her tea, her medicine, and for her tissues. I think she does understand that I am trying my darndest to get her better. Poor kid.

On a totally unrelated note… someone in the next couple of days will be my 500th commenter. This person will be recognized in some kind of special post. Will there be a prize? I don’t know. Depends on the person. 😉

3 Responses to “Apple tea”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    November 22nd, 2006 07:14

    Give Munchkin a hug from me, and Tad too for good measure. I’m so excited to see y’all!

  2. Dozeymagz
    November 22nd, 2006 11:15

    Oh poor Munchkin! Sorry to hear she’s a bit poorly. It looks like you are in the same situation as us – just as one of you get rid of a cold/tummy bug, the next one gets it, then there’s a whole new bug comes in etc etc! I do hope she is feeling better soon. Your Apple Tea is a really good idea! It sounds very yummy!

  3. Captain
    November 22nd, 2006 22:51

    What no ‘Yellow Medacine’ for your kids? I already ordered a case for mine. It was hard to track down but I found it being made in a guys basement in the Ukraine. Ha Ha Ha