It’s cold outside…

The Webmaster gave the kids their new hats and mittens before leaving yesterday. The new hat and mittens really pleased the Munchkin, who immediately demanded to play outside. We did make it out there, and the Munchkin had a great time tromping through the unmarked snow. Tad, not so much. His mittens didn’t allow him to grab on to anything, so he shucked them off the first chance he got. Predictably, his poor little hands got very cold. He began to whine and fuss, and his nose was running quite badly, so I lured them inside with hot chocolate.

Here are some photos from our snow day. The snow froze overnight, so it was no longer the really good wet stuff. So, our planned snowman became a kind of snow mound, which, well, lent itself to another idea.

The Munchkin and her new hat

Tad and his new hat take shelter under the trees

Snowball, anyone?

Snow Cylon, circa 1978

Yes, I know I’m a sci-fi dork. I don’t mind.

Tad was so tired and worn out that he fell asleep over lunch. He was much happier after a three hour nap and his cold medicine.

Tad is much happier inside today

So far, we’re keeping warm and dry. But now we have errands to run that are pertinent to the Christmas season, so we’re going to brave the elements… and go to Grandma’s house so the kids can play there and Mommy can run her errands solo. I love it when a plan comes together.

UPDATE: Roads are frozen, and I got a specific order from my father (along with a reasoned plea from my mother) to not go anywhere today, because “I don’t want to come and haul your ass out of a ditch.” Ahh, parental love and concern. Can’t you feel it? Actually, if I did get stuck, he’d still come. He’d chew me out big time, but he’d still come. Because he’s my Dad. But since he didn’t raise an idiot, we’re staying put today and I’m going to get a fire started now (lows tonight predicted to be around 18 degrees).

One Response to “It’s cold outside…”

  1. Dozeymagz
    November 28th, 2006 04:07

    Great photos! The little ones look so cosy in their lovely new hats! Hope they had a fun time playing in that lovely snow!
    I’m very impressed of the success of your plan – wish my plans worked so well!!!