Dear Lord…

First of all, thank You that we have electricity, an internet connection, and cable TV. For these things I truly am thankful. Thank You also that the woodpile is quite well stocked and that I have become fairly proficient in starting a fire… and keeping it going with the help of those Duraflame Firestarters. Who knew that particle wood could burn that well?

But, Lord, if I don’t get these kids out of this house soon, there may be bloodshed. And I mean that the kids may kill each other. Tad already put a new scrape on his chin on Monday when he did his jumping-off-the-coffee-table thing. And I’m running out of ideas to entertain these children while indoors that does not involve TV.

We tried playing outside. Tad does not like walking in snow. I had to warm up the cars yesterday, after digging them out of the snow, just so they don’t decide to just not start later. While the Munchkin takes great pleasure in the white stuff that You have sent us, Tad seems to think that it makes him rather unsteady on his feet. And since he really doesn’t need any help in that area, I think he may be discouraged by the whole snow thing. And it was quite cold again yesterday. Didn’t go above freezing in our part of suburbia. We spent a half hour outside warming the cars up, and then came back in for a hot lunch of chicken nuggets and fries.

Did I mention that we’re out of macaroni and cheese, Lord?

I have baked cookies with the Munchkin. We made a paper chain “calendar” that will take us to her birthday, which is two days after Christmas. Unfortunately, many of these activities that entertain her leave Tad out in the cold, so to speak. He ate half a blue crayon in retaliation, and his poop was quite interesting. And if I focus on playing with him, the Munchkin swoops in to hog the toy/activity/attention.

We have GOT to get out of this house, Lord.

So, this 40 degree weather that’s being predicted? Could You please make sure that it reaches our little convergence zone? I just want to drive safely. If the roads would just turn slushy and rainy without freezing, I can handle that. I’m used to rain. Ice is bad. I got stuck on a freeway onramp once thanks to black ice. Remember that one, Lord? My parents were just ahead of me – they pulled over and walked back to push me along.

If You could just arrange for me to run my errands (Kinko’s, Costco, Barnes & Noble, etc.), and maybe even grant me a dinner out at Red Robin, then I promise to keep the kids from commiting fratricide. If dinner’s pushing it, I’ll take the errands. The Captain needs his package mailed off ASAP.

Thanks for listening, Lord.

Oh, and I really am grateful for all the aforementioned amenities. Especially the electricity, from which all our other luxuries spring. Because if we didn’t have that… yikes.

Sincerely, Deanna.


One Response to “Dear Lord…”

  1. Dozeymagz
    December 1st, 2006 07:37

    Sweet! Hope you escape soon!!!