The Great Escape


We made it out of the driveway yesterday after naps. Actually, I had to wake the kids up from their naps because the first day we can leave the house, they keep snoozing. It figures.

Our first stop: Kinko’s. Mission: print the Captain’s Christmas letter (and ours, while I’m at it) and get it packaged up for immediate departure to Iraq.

Problem: keeping kids who have had a bad case of cabin fever from acting like banshees hopped up on crack inside of Kinko’s. Let us call this Mission:Impossible.

I must have spent ten minutes just trying to get helped because I was constantly getting out of line to track the kids down and trying to keep them from running the laminator on their own or trying to extract a Pepsi from the machine by beating on it. Fortunately, everyone was very empathetic and understanding, and one person even asked how long we had been stuck at home. Gee, do you think it showed?

Eventually, I dragged both kids back to the car for a good scolding, and then, with letters in tow, I made it to my parents’ house. Then my mother and I crammed a flat-rate box full of stuff for the Captain, including his Christmas letter copies, Glade candles (safely wedged in bubble wrap and plastic bags), coffee and other fun things. My mother is going to mail it off this morning. *whew*

Then I treated my mother and Auntie to dinner at Red Robin with me and the kids. My mother and I agreed that food tastes much better when you don’t have to do the dishes afterwards.

Today – more errands. I feel like I’m about 3 days behind in life at the moment. But I’m trying to make up for lost time, and feeling panicky, yet hopeful. There is no goal line in sight at the moment. When I see it, I’ll let you all know.

Tune in Monday for a special contest! Details to come then. Happy weekend, everyone! Happy December! We work straight through from here on out, people.

2 Responses to “The Great Escape”

  1. Dozeymagz
    December 1st, 2006 07:56

    YaaayY!!! You made it out!
    You’re right about it being non-stop from now on!!!!

  2. Laurie
    December 1st, 2006 11:50

    Two words: Double stroller. Strap ’em down. 🙂