Santa Meltdown

The day had finally arrived. The Munchkin was getting her promised trip to see Santa Claus. “If you sit nicely on Santa’s lap and smile for pictures, then he will give you a candy cane,” I told her.

This became so ingrained in her head – along with her memory of getting a candy cane last year – that when people asked the Munchkin what she was going to ask Santa for, she would say “candy.”

So, yesterday, we trekked to the mall and met up with Santa. The Munchkin was apprehensive while in line, but when the time came, she walked up to him of her own volition and said, “Hi, Santa!” quite brightly, and willingly sat in his lap.

Tad? Forgetaboutit.

He pitched a full-out fit the second his diapered bottom touched Santa’s lap. And so Mommy had to hide behind Santa in an effort to get Tad calm enough to take a picture. Tad stood on my lap as I sat on a block behind Santa, but he was having none of it. He just wanted me to hold him.

I honestly didn’t think he’d fuss that much – after all, he’d had a nap and is generally pretty easygoing so long as the Munchkin goes along with him – but he’s just cut a couple of teeth and he apparently wasn’t quite done with the after-nap grumpies.

No Santa!!!

Yeah, those are my knees he’s sitting on. Fortunately, they won’t be seen in the final picture. As you can tell, the Munchkin took Tad’s tantrum in stride. I think she figured it meant more candy for her.

Making the deal

It paid off… while I was crouched behind him, Santa handed me four candy canes, one of which I immediately handed over to the Munchkin. The deal had been sealed. The candy was in her possession, and her Christmas would now be merry.

Next year will be interesting. Tad isn’t old enough to reason with this year, but next year, he will be bribable, and his sister will be whispering the lure of candy canes in his ear. And next year, the Munchkin will be old enough to understand about telling Santa about what you want for Christmas, which may prove to be a more powerful lure than the candy cane hit.

This year’s picture, and memory, though, is one for the family annals.

2 Responses to “Santa Meltdown”

  1. Linda
    December 13th, 2006 11:32

    Beautiful, precious and truly understanding for Tad. We remember these days! At least your kids didn’t walk away from Santa saying they needed to ‘take a s—!” like Missy did at 2 yrs! Oh, I can’t wait for certain ‘pay back’ days!
    Give them a candy cane and hugs from us!

  2. Dozeymagz
    December 14th, 2006 08:05

    I’m all for bribary!
    Great pictures!