Wild Washington Weather Weekend

I love alliteration.

Another windstorm came into the area on Friday night. While this didn’t equal last month’s storm by a long shot, there were plenty of warnings about trees weakened by the previous storm now being at risk for toppling. Sadly, this proved true for our next-door neighbors. They had a tree crack in half and land on their garage at 1:15 am Saturday morning. The Webmaster was standing vigil with one of the guys who live there (two men and their widowed mother), and saw the tree come smashing down.

This was the scene once it was light outside:

Tree down, first picture

Tree down, side view

The half of the tree that fell on the garage pierced the roof and pushed the door way out of alignment, as you can tell. The second picture shows the side wall bending under the stress. When it was finally light outside, they started putting tarps over it to protect the contents of the garage. And when they called their insurance company which happens to have their name on a certain local major league baseball field, they were told that an assessor would be sent out on Monday. Real nice, great customer service! They have hired a local expert service in tree removal to help get the tree off the roof, and then they can figure out the total damage. Fortunately, it is just the garage that was affected, so they can continue to live in the house. The crack I heard and the following crash when the tree hit the garage was amazing. I’ve never heard anything like it. And I am counting every blessing I have that the tree didn’t decide to take a leap into our yard – the first two rooms on that side of our house are Ane’s bedroom and the master bedroom.

On a much lighter note…

The Seahawks WON!! *whew* See my previous post for the reason why.

Ane and I had a mother-daughter shopping day at a local antique mall Saturday afternoon. She received a Bitty Baby doll for Christmas from us, having gotten to the age where dressing and undressing a dolly is comprehensible, rather than stripping it naked and leaving it to fend for itself. My grandmother found a shop in the antique mall (Country Village, for you local people), whose owner makes and sells doll clothes. Ane had a little birthday and Christmas money to spend, so we went to go check out the store for ourselves and had a marvelous time. She picked out a dress and a pair of white dress shoes for her dolly. (The doll’s name right now is “Dolly,” just in case you were wondering.) Here is a picture of Ane with her doll – Ane is wearing her Christmas/winter dress that my mother and I made for her, and my mother made a matching dress for Dolly as a birthday gift for Ane:

Ane and Dolly

Dolly’s eyes look funny because Ane is leaning back and the doll apparently thinks it’s time to sleep.

And, not to be left out, here is Tad, getting ready for battle:

Sergeant Tad

The WWII kids replica helmet was a Christmas gift from Uncle Captain. We had to remove the netting that came with the helmet because he was trying to rip it with his teeth. He enjoys putting it on and taking it off, so I was lucky to snap a picture of him actually wearing it.

I hope your weekends had much less tree debris in them!

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  1. Captain
    January 10th, 2007 05:52

    I did not know you could buy dolls with a built in lazy eye.