Little Mo Update

Things have not been going so well for Little Mo and her family recently.

She has been admitted to the hospital because her temperature keeps spiking and dropping. The doctors (so far) are at a loss to figure out why. Initially it seemed they thought she had a kidney infection, but whatever additional symptoms she had resolved themselves with treatment, and then it was an ear infection, but now they are saying they don’t know why. So Little Mo, who’s white cell count is quite good at the moment, has to stay in the hospital until they can figure out what is causing the fevers and occasional vomiting.

Sadly, all this began shortly before her older brother’s birthday last Friday (we’ll call him Jay). He just turned 5. They couldn’t have a party, and even if Little Mo wasn’t ill, they have to be so careful about how many people are around her because of the possibility of infection. It’s just got to be so easy to forget your healthy child in the wake of all that you have to do for the sick one, and it’s no wonder that some kids with sick siblings end up resenting them, or wishing that they were sick in order to get some attention.

I would like to give Jay a belated birthday gift, but I don’t know much about his likes or hobbies. I know that you can’t go wrong with a gift card, but I thought movie tickets might be a fun idea. Anyone else got any suggestions?

2 Responses to “Little Mo Update”

  1. Dozeymagz
    January 11th, 2007 05:56

    Movie tickets are a great idea. They will get him out to do a fun thing which will be good for him. Please pass on our most sincere good wishes and let them know we are thinking about them. I cannot begin to imagine what they must be going through right now.

  2. Matthew
    January 11th, 2007 06:00

    Movie tickets would be nice only if someone can take the child to the movies. But since I have no children that are even close to being five, I’m afraid I can’t think of whatever is cool for five year olds these days. My first inclination is somethign with trucks, tractors or firemen. Legos were also very cool for me when I was that age.

    Good luck and it’s very nice of you to think of this little boy. I hope Little Mo gets better too.