Weekend recap

I was busy, to put it lightly.

The stamp camp at Friend’s house on Sunday was a success! I actually got some sales! It was really great! Very validating to have people actually buy items because they liked the card that you created with those items. Friend got a lot of free hostess stuff, I came out a bit ahead, and am feeling exhausted but very pleased.

This didn’t quite balance out the sad news of the weekend – Friend miscarried at 12 weeks. This sucks. Big time. She’s doing pretty well, considering, and we pressed on ahead with the stamp camp, which she considered a form of therapy.

More later, when I’m rested. Everyone else had a good weekend, right?

One Response to “Weekend recap”

  1. Erin
    January 22nd, 2007 06:49

    Congrats on the sales! I’m sorry to hear about your friend. That is very sad.