Wild and crazy times

Instead of posting at midnight last night, I decided to try something new, strange and different.

I went to bed instead of blogging.

Crazy, huh?

You all might have to get used to checking for me later in the morning; this was a pretty good experiment. Ane still bounced into my bed this morning to wake me up, but I was willing to be woken up by that point.

In other crazy news…

We registered Ane for preschool yesterday. How did we get here??? She’ll be attending morning preschool 2 days a week, starting next fall. We chose the same preschool that Auntie attended, and while we were filling out the application form, I started to laugh. They asked for Ane’s doctor’s name, and I said to the Webmaster, “Well, if she has a real medical emergency, they could just walk her across the street, because that’s where the doctor’s office is!”

We also played the “what you have is better” game yesterday. For those unfamiliar with the rules, this is how it goes: Child #1 has a toy that child #2 wants. Child #2 is given a different (and possibly new) toy by a parent to keep them from taking child #1’s toy. After the toy is given to child #2, child #1 no longer wants their toy, they now want the toy that child #2 has. However, child #2 does not want to give up said toy, and child #1 does not want to share their toy, he/she wants both toys. This game usually ends in tears over someone not getting their own way.

Ane was sitting at the kitchen table, coloring with colored pencils – something Tad is not capable of doing, but he is capable of bugging her. So I brought out a Christmas toy that he hadn’t yet played with – a police car which lights up and has a siren and a policeman figure – that the Captain gave him. He loved it.

However, Ane was hung over her chair, watching him and asking if she could play with the police car. When I told her no, this is Tad’s toy, she started having a fit. She finally got off her chair to “observe” the toy at point-blank range, at which point Tad abandoned his police car to climb her chair and get at the pencils. Ane was willing to make the exchange, but I wasn’t. So I put the pencils away. This upset both kids, and Tad wanted his car back, which got Ane mad. I firmly told her that the police car was his, and since she wasn’t using the colored pencils and he couldn’t, I had put them away to keep him from breaking them.

Did this sit well with her? Nooo, it didn’t. She eventually got the pencils back, but I told her if she got down again, they would be gone. Tad abandoned the car in favor of bugging his sister, and in the midst of all this, the Webmaster called. I think he was glad he wasn’t at home at that particular moment.

The police car is currently in Tad’s room, when Ane can play with it if she chooses. I briefly contemplated a “toy exchange program” where one child gives up a toy to their sibling to play with one of their toys, but as Tad still chews things, this will have to wait until they are older.

Well, I must go retrieve Tad from the kitchen table. And then we have errands to run. No TV this morning – yay!!

One Response to “Wild and crazy times”

  1. L.
    January 24th, 2007 20:11

    My oldest is 11, and he still sometimes has tantrums — not so often, thank god, but WHEN will they stop???

    Of course the 4-year old has tantrums often.

    Our house is very loud….