How lazy should I be today?

I’m in the process of catching up on the laundry. We spent Saturday traveling to and coming back from the Webmaster’s parents’ home, where the kids got to see Nana and Papa and go to the Lions’ Club Hall for roller skating. Well, Ane roller skated – Tad just chased the disco lights around on the floor and tried to break into the women’s bathroom twice. We’re lucky in that this is not a regular roller rink – I was in street shoes and helping Ane stay upright, and the Webmaster was chasing Tad across the floor.

Sunday we had Friend, Doc and the boys over for dinner, and we had church in the morning as usual. Though I cleaned up the kitchen before company came over (though I’m not sure they qualify under “company” anymore 🙂 ), the house is a bit of a mess in general.

I had thought about taking the kids to the park today, but the weather isn’t clearing up and warming up the way I had hoped. There are plenty of fun things to do at home, plus I had hoped to start making some Valentines with Ane. And finally get the last of the Christmas decor put away. Yes, it’s nearly February. Don’t remind me.

I think we’ll be staying in today. I have lots of little (and big) chores to accomplish. The weather is supposed to be dry and cold this week, so maybe we’ll get out tomorrow.

So I guess I won’t be lazy today and take the kids out. I’ll stay home and clean. Bummer.

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