Turning the tables

Two nights ago, Ane got in trouble. Last night, the Webmaster and I were on the hot seat.

I must admit that Boston Legal is quite funny (and I blame CW Mom for getting me hooked), but there is no way the kids should ever see it. As it’s on at 10 pm, it’s really no problem – the kids are in bed before then. And they should be asleep.

So, the first time Shatner fired a gun last night, I cracked up and called for the Webmaster to come see it. Then I heard a very awake, highly indignant little voice come from her bedroom – “Mommy, that’s not funny! Be quiet out there!”

“Sorry,” I called back, properly chagrined and highly amused.

But really, wouldn’t you laugh, too?

One Response to “Turning the tables”

  1. Dozeymagz
    January 31st, 2007 12:28

    Well then – that’s YOU told then! You’d better be careful that she doesn’t take away your TV time!