What have the kids been up to?

So you may ask.

Far be it from me to deprive their fans of recent pictures…

The Captain and family gave Tad this toy for Christmas, which became a source of angst within the household immediately. Here he is, playing with it, without any “help” from his sister.
Tad and his police car

We recently purchased this toy for the kids with a little Christmas money that they received. It’s been a big hit. Ane likes to stack them up and let Tad knock them over. Tad likes to stack them, too, but knocking them down is more fun.

Sometimes, even the cutest among us has a bad hair day. Tad’s expression is priceless.
Bad hair day

Ane had some gift exchanges to make post-Christmas/birthday that enabled her to buy an umbrella stroller for Dolly. She loves pushing Dolly around… though the doll can’t sit properly in her seat belt.
Little Mommy

My mother found her old wooden doll highchair (which I also used as a child for my dolls) in the attic of their house, and is letting Ane borrow it (which means we’ll probably have it until she outgrows it). Ane is thrilled with it… though again, Dolly’s body has sitting issues.

Ane has been working on using her ohashi (chopsticks) with the help of a little rubber device (shaped like a little girl) that holds the ends together and allows kids to learn to eat properly with ohashi. It has been a big hit around here.
Ane and her ohashi

Tad borrowed my Mariners cap, stuck it on his head, and then grinned for me when I pulled out the camera.

I hope that provides enough of a cuteness fix for you all. If not, go look at Matthew’s twins. He got a new camera and the kids are even cuter in 8 megapixels. 🙂

One Response to “What have the kids been up to?”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    February 8th, 2007 07:16

    So cute! Give them hugs, I miss them.