A brief moment

We all have the cold crud around here at the moment. The kids are coughing, and Tad’s nose is like a runny faucet. Ane has been chasing him around the house with tissues.

Tad was hacking so badly in his sleep last night that the Webmaster and I offered him some water (which he refused) and I sat down in the glider in his room to rock him back to sleep. I think he was glad to be in an upright position for a while, and fell back asleep in my arms while clutching his bunny and snuggled under a fleece blanket.

I miss this. Ane has always been a snuggler – or at least purports to be, as she regularly squirms and kicks when she’s not really tired and just wants to see how long you’ll take it before you get up and do what she wants – but Tad stopped being one when I stopped nursing him. After that, there was no more cuddling at bedtime – he wants to get into his crib, where his blankets and pillow and stuffed animals are. He will come and sit on people’s laps – mine, the Webmaster’s, Gichan’s, Grandma’s – but his stays are short-lived, and he usually wants to get back down to pursue another activity.

As my Obachan just recently said, “I thought he was so mellow when he was a baby.” Really, he was, but then all the boy genes kicked in.

But last night, he was just so tired and grateful to have his mommy that he literally sacked right back out. He lay heavily against me, splayed out and with as much dead weight as a sack of rice. His head was directly over my heart, so he could hear my heartbeat as he fell back asleep. I savored every second, knowing that this was a rare opportunity. Finally, I laid him back down – only to have him sit up and scream at me for trying to get a very snotty bunny away from him and into the wash. Resigned, I handed the bunny back to him, and he snatched it away and laid down on top of it to prevent any subsequent theft by his mother.

I stole the bunny from him when I gave him his breakfast, and put it straight in the wash. He hasn’t noticed yet. I bet I can get it back to him before naptime.

One Response to “A brief moment”

  1. DozeyMagz
    February 19th, 2007 03:12

    There’s nothing like a snuggly little one cuddling with you is there? Hope you are all feeling better soon!