A lesson in aggression

Ane gets easily frustrated – or, as she says, “fruster-rated.” When I asked her what that meant, she said, “It means ‘not very nice.'” In a manner of speaking, she is right…

Anyway, her little temper just boils over to the point where recently she will look me right in the eye and say, “Mommy, I want to hit you.”

At which point I reply, “Oh, then you must want a time-out.”

She reconsiders at this point (she has never proceeded to actually hit me and then go for the time-out), decides that this isn’t a good bargain, and then usually storms off to do something else, cooling off in the process.

I’m trying to figure out if her increased aggression is due to any of these factors:
– her age (“It’s not easy being three” – imagine Kermit singing it that way)
– Tad’s increased skill level (his ability to play with her is on par with his ability to mess with her stuff)
– bad weather (lots of rain = no playing outside)
– a need for age-appropriate activities outside of the home (any ideas, anyone?)
– a combination of all of the above

I think the kids need some time apart. A little over a week ago, our church hosted a “Pajamarama” for the three pre-school classes, which included Ane. They wore their pjs, had pizza and apple juice, and then got to watch Curious George on the big screen in the main sanctuary. She can’t stop talking about it. I knew she would enjoy it, but what was more interesting to me was Tad’s reaction to being at home without her.

Both the Webmaster and I were at home with him (until I left to pick her up), and he positively relished in having our full attention, as well as getting to play with his toys unmolested. It reminded me of when he was an infant. When he started to coo and make non-crying sounds, he would never speak up while his sister was in the room. After she went to bed, we would whip out the camcorder because we knew he would be chatting up a storm. Even at that early age, he was already cognizant that his sister had claimed the spotlight and would not be giving it up. She to this day complains if we take a picture of him and not of her.

I think it is time for some time apart for these siblings. The Webmaster and I are definitely going to have to make the extra effort to do that, but I think they really do need it. However, they are perfectly happy watching Sesame Street together right now. After all, Cookie Monster is always better when shared.

One Response to “A lesson in aggression”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    February 26th, 2007 15:12

    I have an idea for Munchkin: send her here to spend a couple weeks with us! She and Little Cousin would have a blast! Just think, she won’t pull all her usual misbehavior (at first) because she’s in an unfamiliar place, but she’s with people she knows and listens to. She loves playing with Little Cousin, and Little Cousin needs more playtime with kids (all she gets now is the church nursery). By the end of the second week, she’ll have worn us out and we’ll send her back your way! Huh? Come on! It’s doable!