Accepted! Among other things…

Ane is IN for preschool next fall!!!


We’re not telling her yet. If we did, we’d get no peace around here until September.


The weather around here has been chilly, but surprisingly sunny. Especially when they keep predicting rain. I think we’re going to get outside today so I can make an attempt to weed my flowerbed – hopefully, the kids won’t pick all my crocuses.


I am up to my neck in laundry. With Ane beginning to grow into some 4T sized clothes and Tad growing into 18 month sizes (or the equivalent in certain brands), my life has turned into a rotating door of laundry. I spent last Friday night packing all of Ane’s baby clothes (newborn through 9 months) into bigger storage containers. That kid had a TON of clothes!! Fortunately, Little Cousin was able to share in the bounty. And after I got organized, Handy Girl came over to borrow some of Tad’s newborn clothes for Handy Baby. Sharing is good. (See, Friend, I am improving!!!)


That’s all for now, I think. “To the lumberyard!” (Points to whoever knows what movie that came from.)

One Response to “Accepted! Among other things…”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    February 28th, 2007 07:03

    “To the lumberyard!” is from “Young Frankenstein”

    Congrats on Munchkin getting into Preschool!