As promised…

Snow pictures!

Snowy Duo

As you can tell, Tad is having a Randy moment. The poor kid is in a quandry – he LOVES being outdoors, but he REALLY hates snow. He’s not fond of the wet and the cold, which is part of the characteristics of snow. Plus he’s in his coat, matching snowpants, and rubber boots (which are just a wee bit too big for his feet, and that does make a big deal for boots), and he felt so unsteady that when I set him down in the snow, he would not move. I’ve never seen him stand in one place for so long.

Why am I out here?

Ane was totally enjoying herself, though. The snow was wet and heavy, and was the perfect snow for making a snowman (with Mommy’s help)!

Can I throw a snowball?

Working on a snowman

The snowman toppled over after I took this picture, because the snow was so heavy. Ane set about fixing it, and we still have a large mound of snow in the backyard. Not much has melted since yesterday, but the rain is starting and is sure to wipe most of it out.

I finally took Tad back inside after I had a small snowball fight with Ane, and while he smiled at us, he was so uncomfortable that he finally fell flat on his bottom and promptly burst into tears. (Poor baby.) Once he was inside, though, he was mad at me because I’d made him come in, and his sister was still outside and throwing snowballs at the sliding glass door, where he was standing. I finally shooed her off and she went back to snowman repair, but he was still upset. He wanted to be outside, but not in the snow. How do you explain to an 18 month old that you can’t get rid of the snow fast enough for him?

I hope this is our last snow of this winter. Maybe by next winter, Tad will be more comfortable in the snow. He’ll fit his boots better, at any rate. 🙂

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