Crazy weather

A week ago, it was snowing here.

Today, we’re supposed to have sunny skies and a high of 62 degrees.

I’d blame global warming, but it doesn’t work that fast.

Friend called me bright and early this morning (and apologized for being “Sunshine Mary”), and we’re taking the kids to a local park to burn some energy and take advantage of the sunshine. Before she comes over with the boys, though, she’s stopping at the mall to buy MARINERS TICKETS!!!

Single-game tickets went on sale last Saturday, so Friend, Doc, the Webmaster and I sat down and figured out which games would work into our schedules. We’ve planned for 4 games with progressively better seating (meaning that we start in the bleachers and eventually end up in seats by the end of the season) because we’re trying to budget for this, and we have to afford/bribe baby-sitters, since Friend refused to consider even taking the older kids to a game – at least, until they’re a LOT older. “I go to games to be a grown-up!” she pointed out. “I can’t score the game if I have to keep them occupied!”

We decided that the kids would be perfectly happy with our local A team – free parking, good food, no one cares if kids get a little squirrely there, and all the kids in attendance get to run the bases at the end of the game.

Ahh, baseball. It’s almost here!!!

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