Blog Anemia

I said to the Webmaster yesterday, “I think comments are down all across the board on blogs recently. I’ve sure noticed it on mine.”

The Webmaster said kindly, “Well, um, have you noticed that your blog has been kind of heavy on the kid anecdotes recently?”

I sighed. “Yes, I know. I have blog anemia.”

I’m not sure what’s been up, but it might have to do with the fact that I gave up all carbonated beverages for Lent. And clearly, I am suffering from a lack of caffeine. I did feel quite perky yesterday – that may be due to the mug of coffee I consumed for breakfast, and the Cinnamon Dolce latte I indulged in at Starbucks yesterday afternoon.

Any way you cut it, though, I’ve been burning my proverbial candle at both ends, and the blog suffers as a result. Sorry, everyone. I mean, the kid anecdotes are cute, but there are other things happening around here that I have an opinion about, too.

So, here are a few opinions to jump-start your weekend:

1) I initially voted for Sanjaya on American Idol because of the local boy angle. Now I’m not sure why he even wants to sing when he whispers through most of his songs. Is this the teenage girl thing at work again? Is he really that cute? His hair actually annoys me, and when he had it straightened for his last performance, it completely weirded me out.

2) The Webmaster is seeing 300 today as some kind of group activity for work. I have discussed this with the kids because clearly, I need better perks in this job. However, I have just been informed that the matter has been tabled until the next Pixar movie comes out.

3) Cinnamon Dolce lattes. Yum. What will they think of next?

Discuss, and I’ll check back in on Monday.

3 Responses to “Blog Anemia”

  1. Dozeymagz
    March 9th, 2007 12:08

    Thanks for the link to 300. Being cooped up in Dozeyland, I hadn’t heard of it, however, DopeyDaddy perked up at the look of it (and so did I..!)
    Don’t worry about comment counts – I’ve noticed that most people who read blogs don’t actually comment. It certainly doesn’t mean that people aren’t enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. Laurie
    March 9th, 2007 14:18

    Sanjaya is terrible compared to the rest of the pool of singers. He’s just too immature to be a real contestant. This is just my nice way of saying that I think he sucks and I’m mad that Sundance got cut, even though he wasn’t doing very well himself. Clearly, I care way too much about American Idol.

    I used to have perks with my job, but they’ve slowly disappeared. Now, the main perk is that I get a little quiet time in the car on the way to work, besides being able to listen to the news which isn’t usually kid-friendly.

    Not so crazy about cinnamon dolce lattes. Too much cinnamon roll mixed with my precious caffeine. 🙂

  3. Little Cousin's Mommy
    March 10th, 2007 09:01

    Sanjaya’s hair annoys me too.

    I like the kid stuff on the blog, though, they are funnier than the rest of us.

    I haven’t tried the Cinnamon Dolce Latte, I’m quite faithful to Mocha Frappuccinos and I do like the newer Pomegranate Juice Blend.

    The only perk of my job is that I don’t have to look nice for the UPS guy, he doesn’t care. With a toddler, a broken husband (his ankle’s looking worse), and feeling ick, I need a vacation, or a Frappuccino.