Mommy can’t win

It seems that Tad is determined to go to family pictures with some kind of injury.

Last week, it was the fat lip. On Tuesday, through a series of events that involves his sister, a coffee table, and pushing, he received a small laceration on his forehead, near his hairline, up above his right eye.

The band-aid looks really cute on him, I must say. Perhaps I should just pick a band-aid to match his outfit and call it a picture?

Part of my problem is that the kids have been roughhousing a lot recently. Ane forgets that she is bigger than Tad – mostly because he’s busy trying to take her down as well. Since I didn’t actually see what happened, all I can do is conjecture from the results. As far as I can tell, Ane pushed Tad off the coffee table, where he fell and cut his head on either the edge of a speaker, or the edge of the entertainment cabinet the TV sits on. Ane confessed to the pushing, which earned her an instant time-out (mostly to spare her the Wrath of Mom) while I worked on calming Tad and assessing his cut. Fortunately, during this process my mother showed up (we were planning on working on Ane’s Easter dress) and helped to get Tad properly bandaged (he was being a squirmy monkey) and gently lecture Ane about what she did (minus the screaming and raving part that I probably would have added).

Thirty-six hours later, the cut is healing nicely (I still have a butterfly bandage on it to keep it closed), the knot that came with it has gone down, and the bruising seems light. And I have resigned myself to just saying to everyone who sees the picture: “He’s a boy.”

I’d better go… they’re tackling each other again.

One Response to “Mommy can’t win”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    March 29th, 2007 10:55

    I feel your pain. Little Cousin and I were playing with couch cushions and she flung herself backwards into the coffee table getting a nice little cut in her chin and a bump to match.

    That was three days ago and it’s nearly healed. She’s inherited her father’s freakishly fast healing ability. Let’s just hope for no more bumps, bruises for any of us before family pictures!