Daddy Play Date

The Webmaster took the kids on Friday to a play date for Dads. An informal one. I guess I should explain.

Within the Group o’ Friends, the Webmaster, Gaming Dad, and Taz are all close friends. They were college roommates (in the house we now affectionately refer to as “the dump on 19th”), the Webmaster was Gaming Dad’s best man, Gaming Dad was the Webmaster’s best man, and the Webmaster stepped in a couple of months before Taz’s wedding to be his best man (Gaming Dad was a groomsman). Now that they are all fathers, the opportunities to hang out together can be limited… unless, of course, they include the kids.

Scrap Mom and Tweety were off to an overnight stamp camp at one of my fellow demonstrator’s home, so Gaming Dad had Princess Em and Mighty Boy all to himself, and Taz had baby Jav (now nearly 10 months old!) all to himself. How do you make this even more fun? Why, by inviting the Webmaster, Ane, and Tad over to play!

The Daddy Play Date was born. On the surface, it seems ideal – Princess Em and Ane (15 months apart in age) can play together, Mighty Boy and Tad (seven months apart in age) can play alongside each other, Jav sits on a blanket and looks adorable, and the three fathers have a few drinks and play with Taz’s Wii (did I mention that he works for Nintendo?).

Which left me with… sweet freedom!

Although I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it. I have many projects here at home to deal with – so many that I ditched them all and went shopping with Auntie at the mall. I bought a new blouse for Easter, Auntie found a cute sundress, and we got to go to Victoria’s Secret without the kids (Tad running off with panties comes to mind, along with Ane picking up a push-up bra and yelling, “Mommy, what’s THIS?”).

When I finally came home (much later than I had intended), the Webmaster already had Tad in his crib, and was reading to Ane. I heard that Ane and Princess Em had played well together at first, but eventually the alpha-female personalities clashed, with Ane emerging the winner of a justly-earned time-out. Tad did fine, it seems, so I don’t think the kids are banned from ever coming back.

I said good night to Ane, and then peeked in on Tad, who was still awake and flopping around in his crib, trying to settle down. As soon as he saw me, he popped up with a huge grin on his face, and held up his arms.

How could I resist?

I picked him up and he immediately snuggled down on my shoulder. I sat and rocked with him as his Baby Mozart CD played. He let out a huge sigh and I kissed his fluffy head. “I know, little guy,” I whispered. “Mommy’s world isn’t complete without you, either.”

In other news:

Opening Day. Opening Day! OPENING DAY!!! The one day when everyone still has an equal shot at the World Series, and no one has made an error or blown a save or struck out. The day when hope springs eternal… until the first pitch.

The kids and I will be celebrating this glorious start to the season at home, rooting for our Mariners via the TV.

And, of course, just as important as Opening Day, is Friend’s birthday! I’m not telling her age, because I am her friend. Last I checked, she was still older than me. 🙂 We’ve already celebrated, but I’ll say it again – happy birthday, Friend!!

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