Good Friday

My war against the dandelions progresses, though I have no more room in the yard waste bin because the Webmaster mowed the backyard last night. It was really quite long, so now it looks less like a jungle out there.

However, I must now abandon my yard and my gardening (bummer, but the yard waste bin is full!), and prepare for Easter. Tonight is the Good Friday service at church – why is the day Christ was beaten, crucified and died called “Good” Friday? I’m sure Juliet could explain it to me, if she wasn’t so busy not throwing up. Tomorrow is the church Easter Egg Hunt, which will have something like 4,000 plastic eggs filled with candy lying out on the lawn – we don’t have many trees that could hide or hold eggs. Ane and Tad are going and it promises to be a fun time – face painting, balloon animals, bubbles and candy-filled eggs! How can you go wrong?

Tomorrow is also a big day because the Captain and his family are coming into town! We haven’t seen Belle and her Mommy since Thanksgiving, and we last saw the Captain in person the day after New Year’s, 2006. So, it will be very exciting to see my brother again. We are going to take a small post-Easter vacation together, and thanks to the wonders of the internet and the Webmaster’s laptop, you are all invited to come along! Bring your umbrellas and rain boots.

Sunday, of course, is Easter. This will be marked with church in the morning as usual for us (though the Webmaster and I have nursery duty for the first service, which means we need to be REALLY early, dressed nicely but prepared for spit-up, and be ready to be slammed with kids we’ve never met before and who have never been in a church nursery before. I expect a lot of crying, but at least Tad will enjoy having us there – and Belle, if she comes to first service). Ane’s dress is ready and hanging in her closet (her dolly has a matching dress and bonnet, courtesy of Grandma), and Tad’s shirt and sweater and slacks are all set. Yes, I will take and post pictures. I know what you all come here for.

We’re supposed to have Easter dinner at my grandparents’ house, but I haven’t heard solid confirmation on a time yet. I’d better ask, don’t you think?

So, I wish you all a happy Easter, and hope that you have a fun time with your families and hopefully remembering the real reason for Easter.

And I leave you with this little story from yesterday:

The kids and I took Obachan shopping yesterday. She wanted to go to Yakima Fruit Market – a local farmer’s market right near where she lives, and when I say “right near,” I mean “across a busy highway with no crosswalk, so you really do need to drive there.”

I like going to Yakima Fruit Market, mostly because it’s open air, promotes local produce, and is fun for kids. They even have kid-sized shopping carts, which thrilled Ane.

Anyway, we lost Ane in the store near the end of our trip. And it’s not that big, and being next to a busy highway made me nervous, though she has been displaying a healthy fear of moving cars recently. Obachan had Tad in the front of her cart, and was buying her stuff as I hunted for Ane. I first looked in the gardening section with no luck, and then I spotted a little figure in a lavender shirt pushing a child-sized cart… and filling it up.

I raced inside and found Ane, who had no idea she was “lost,” calmly shopping along with everyone else. I must say that she has good taste. She’d picked things that she doesn’t eat, though, so I’m confused as to the contents of her cart:
a loaf of multi-grain raisin bread (she’s not fond of raisins)
a bag of dehydrated apple chips (well, she might like these)
one tangerine (again, she might eat this)
one medium-sized spaghetti squash (I think she just liked the bright yellow color)

We put everything back, and I promised her that the next time we came, she could have her own cart. Aside from the scare she’d given me, she really hadn’t done anything wrong. And there was nothing cuter than seeing Ane pushing her own cart along and selecting her own squash.

3 Responses to “Good Friday”

  1. Juliet
    April 7th, 2007 07:02

    You don’t know how much time it takes not throwing up. I spend hours a day trying to evade women who had awful morning sickness chasing me down to kick me in the shins.

    I did a few minutes of research on the origin of “Good” Friday, and there are two explanations. One is that since the Passion was part of God’s plan for our redemption, Good Friday is good even though it wasn’t obvious at the time, one of the many paradoxes of Christianity. The other explanation, which I had never heard before but which appeals to my linguistic geekhood, is that “good” evolved from the old English and Germanic name for the holiday, “God’s Friday,” (“god” in old English = good, e.g. godspell, “good news,” which evolved into gospel); other languages call it Holy Friday or something else.

  2. Dozeymagz
    April 8th, 2007 05:45

    Hope you all have a very happy and peaceful Easter and much hugs to you all!

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