Blogroll cleanup

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve decided to do a little clean-up job on the blogroll. Sadly, some of the blogs I had listed had gone out of business, but I’ve added more to make up for it.

The first new addition is Arrow Through the Sun, written by Doc (yes, he finally got a blog!!), and is a walk through the world of a biochemistry professor with a sense of humor. “Green Dog” and “Red Bug” are the Brain and Head, respectively, whose names will not change on this blog just because their dad decided to get a blog of his own. When he wants to nickname my kids, he can choose all new pseudonyms for his blog. I figure that’s fair enough.

The second is The Blogfathers. I have no idea why I haven’t blogrolled them before, but there you are. I read them whenever a new post comes up, and with all the new “family members” they’ve just acquired, the posts should be more interesting and varied than ever before. I particularly recommend new Capo How About Two? – Rob’s story has been both heartbreaking and uplifting, and that he’s come through the death of one of his twins recently with his sense of humor intact makes his blog a must-read – and earned him a stand-alone spot on the blogroll.

And finally, this one is an update, not an addition. Domestic Chicky (my fellow Deanna) has finally shed the Blogger templates and moved on to her own URL and new and improved site! You may even win something cool if you comment! Not that I have, but hope springs eternal.

And if you want to be on my blogroll, either email me or leave me a note in the comments. I aim to be as inclusive as I can, and everyone can use a little publicity now and again.

One Response to “Blogroll cleanup”

  1. L.
    April 10th, 2007 21:51

    Thank you for leaving me on it! 🙂