I think this week may be very quiet around here. I don’t think we have anything outside the scope of our regular activities planned. I may take Ane to the salon for a much-needed bang trim and haircut, but other than that, I anticipate a normal, uneventful week.

Maybe I can talk Handy Girl into bringing Handy Baby over to play again.

All of this talk, of course, is just putting off the fact that I need to clean up around here. A sort of spring cleaning, if you will. Good for the soul, bad for the dust bunnies.

The weather is decent enough for me to banish the kids to the backyard (the Webmaster put moss killer on the front yesterday after he mowed it) while I get some clean-up work done around here. Maybe. The forecast is promising, so one can hope.

And I need to keep an eye on eBay. After months of inactivity, I won a dual auction this weekend (Precious Moments – future gifts for Ane), and there are a couple more that I’m keeping on my watch list. However, I think they may get priced out of my range by tonight, when the auctions end. We’ll see. The Webmaster always looks at me funny when I buy Precious Moments on eBay. However, I try to get them at a good price, and these last two I got at 50% off, including the shipping. So he can’t complain too much. But I know he thinks that I care more about this collection than Ane does. Well, that’s true enough, but she’ll thank me someday. I hope.

Okay, I guess I should stop blogging and actually DO something today. Laundry beckons. A clean dishwasher begs to be unloaded. Kitchen cabinets would like to be washed down – but no rush, really. The windows say the same – it will be cloudy later this week. If I am really good, I might be able to empty out Tad’s closet while they are playing. If I’m REALLY good. We’ll see. How “really good” are you going to be today?

One Response to “Procrastination”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    April 23rd, 2007 12:29

    My “really good” was getting the dishes done, taking the clean laundry from yesterday out of the dryer (not yet folded), and a lot of cross-stitching accomplished on Baby’s Christmas stocking (I should have everything – except the name – done by the end of the week).