Let the stitching begin

I broke ground last night on Tad’s baby sampler. The pattern is pretty straightforward, and isn’t nearly as complicated as the one I made for Ane, or even Head. It’s a design containing several old-style toys – cars and boats and a fire truck. Very boy. Each vehicle is blocked off in its own rectangle, so it looks like the toys are sitting on a knick-knack shelf with lots of cubbyholes. I’m stretching the pattern slightly to add Tad’s name and birthdate in the middle. If I keep working on it consistently, I might be able to finish it by December. I only have a few more samplers lined up to do after that!

In other sewing news, I’ve decided that my next learn-to-sew project will be a nightgown for Ane. It’s probably a good idea to NOT pick another time-sensitive project (like a Christmas or Easter dress!), considering my schedule and my mother’s. I took Obachan shopping at Jo Ann’s last Saturday – they had a big sale, and she needed more yarn to knit slippers – and I bought two yards of pink cotton fabric – it’s a pink-on-pink pattern, a light pink with a slightly darker pink pattern of old-fashioned roses. I thought it would make a cute nightie. Ane loved it because it was pink. I’ll have to add some edging lace or something to make it feel especially girly.

However, in the midst of all this stitching and sewing, I have neglected my stamps. I will have to throw a camp sometime soon, especially since the retiring list of stamps comes out May 1st. Then I’ll have to see what’s going and what I can keep using for camps. In other words, how much more money will I need to spend?

Oh, well. So long as it keeps me off the streets (and off eBay), the Webmaster’s happy.

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