Things to do today

I’ll admit it, I was totally unproductive yesterday. I have minimal excuses – we went to the library, and I got some new books, I picked out some books for Ane and Tad, Obachan came with us, Ane played on the computer and everyone left happy. Then I got home after lunch with Obachan and devoured read one of the books straight through while the kids napped and then after dinner.

Anyway, I really do have things to get done around here other than read new books from the library – but I’m saving so much by not buying new books! Our Barnes & Noble bill has dropped dramatically, but that’s neither here nor there. Things to do today:

– take Ane to get her hair cut (bangs are now past eyebrows, plus a trim in the back to even things up)
– finish the ironing (started on Wednesday)
– begin more laundry loads (because it never ends)
– figure out dinner (something with hamburger, because that’s thawed)
– wash kitchen floor (and sweep it well beforehand)
– vacuum (or just chase the kids with it)
– run the dishwasher (finish loading it first)
– start sifting through kids’ winter clothes to put away, and take tags off summer ones to wash (I like this part)
– see if I can buy sandals for Ane while shopping after haircut (need to size her feet in them – her 8 and 1/2 shoes are still a little big, and 9s are out of the question)
– make birthday cards for May (which means I need to clean off my desk)

If I can get this list done, or mostly accomplished (if I can’t find some sandals or get the birthday cards made, they can wait), then I will feel like I got some things out of the way before the weekend. And that’s always a good feeling. Happy weekend, everyone!

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