It’s morning. Let me sleep.

Ane bounced into our room this morning at 6 am (an hour before the Webmaster usually gets up) and hopped into our bed. She climbed over the Webmaster and shoved us both around to get a good spot in between us. Then she announced, “I have a bloody nose!”

INSTANT awake. It was like taking a shot of espresso via injection.

The Webmaster, who was closer to needing to be awake than I was, handled the nose while I passed him tissues in my semi-comatose state. The bloody nose was nothing more than a little bleeding after a nose-picking (something which she’s doing more and more of these days, and then has the nerve to look at us in shock when her nose starts to bleed).

I fell back asleep, the Webmaster got up, and Ane started the kicking parade. I ordered her out of the bed with limited success. She begged to stay, I told her not to kick me anymore. This… did not work. Eventually Ane did go off to play in her room, and I got up when I could hear Tad chatting merrily to himself and his stuffed animals in his room.

I just made an 8-cup pot of coffee. And that last muffin is mine.

Perhaps I could get an IV drip of espresso to carry around today?

One Response to “It’s morning. Let me sleep.”

  1. Dozeymagz
    May 3rd, 2007 10:02

    Oh I’d love a cup of coffee – would you mind if I popped over for one? I’ll bring extra muffins! 🙂