A gift from everyone on Mother’s Day

I actually had a very nice Mother’s Day weekend. We started off by taking a quick trip to see the Webmaster’s parents and grandmother on Saturday. We timed it so well that the kids took really good naps on the way home (fell asleep before we even got on Highway 12, actually) and still went to bed at a decent hour that night.

Sunday morning, the Webmaster gave me my gift before church. It was a necklace and earring set that I had quite heavily hinted that I would really like for Mother’s Day. The hints worked. The necklace and earrings are blue topaz and peridot in white gold – convienently, blue topaz is Ane’s birthstone and peridot is Tad’s birthstone. I absolutely LOVE them.

Ane made me a construction paper flower on a popsicle stick in Sunday School, which she presented to me with great fanfare. It is standing up in my little basket on my nightstand.

Tad had a different kind of gift in mind. He crashed on the way home from church, so we just put him into his crib when we got home. A half-hour or so after we’d gotten home, and the Webmaster was putting Ane down for her nap, Tad started to bawl. I decided not to let him cry it out, especially since he hadn’t had lunch, but was dreading the attitude he would have after such a short nap.

When I went into his room, he was sitting up with tears in his eyes. He saw me and immediately stood and held out his arms. How could I resist him? I picked him up, and he snuggled down on my shoulder and fell back asleep. I decided to just sit in the glider and rock him. This was quite a treat for me. Tad used to be a very snuggly baby – then he turned a year old and wanted his space. He actually preferred being placed in his crib to fall asleep, rather than being rocked for a little while and cuddling, which was his sister’s MO. Ane still wants us to “snuggle” with her at bedtime, and definitely craves our physical presence when she’s tired and trying to fall asleep.

So here was Tad, a dead weight on my chest and lap – he’s gotten to be such a long-limbed boy. I just sat there, nuzzling his head and watching the puddle of drool accumulate on my blouse front. His soft spot is very nearly gone, which is a little sad for me. I don’t have a baby anymore – Tad will be two this summer, and the cuddly, laid-back baby boy has turned into an active monkey of a toddler. But for a quiet hour on Mother’s Day, I had my baby boy sleeping on my shoulder, just like he used to. Then my rear end got numb (I was sitting funny on a blanket that was on the seat of the glider), and I had to stand up. When I tried to lay Tad down, he opened his eyes, looked up at me and smiled. Nap over.

I handed him off to the Webmaster (I think they were playing Battlefield II together on the computer for a while), and I rested until Ane woke up. We picked up Obachan and met my parents and Auntie for dinner at Red Robin. This worked out well because none of the mothers had to cook, and Red Robin is very appealing for the kids.

So, I hope that everyone else who is a mom had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well – with a special shout-out to those first-time moms (CW Mom and Handy Girl, I’m talking to you!) among us.

Now, what do I do for Father’s Day?

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