Quiet morning for news

So far, things have been pretty mellow around here. I made pancakes for the kids for breakfast. Sesame Street is on. Ane woke up around 7 am, as usual, and we finally had to wake Tad at 9:30. Even then, it wasn’t until I declared that breakfast was ready that he actually stood up in his crib.

The local news is full of Blake and Apolo. The newspaper even has the location of several Blake parties for tonight and tomorrow.

The home front news is full of Little Cousin. She is bringing her parents to visit us on Friday, and Ane is VERY excited. Tad, being a boy, cares less. We have several fun things planned, including the zoo and aquarium.

The sports news just says that while the Mariners won the game on Saturday that Friend, Doc, the Webmaster and I attended, they haven’t won a game since. They can’t get a clutch hit to save their lives, it seems. And Richie Sexson’s batting average AND attitude both stink.

I think I will just stick with the comics and sudoku today.

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