Technical difficulties

My system is moving extraordinarily slow this morning – kind of like me, but we had internet connection problems all last evening as well. So this post will be short, because I’m not sure how long it will take to upload.

Last night was the final Cubbies/Wednesday night at church for the summer (except for youth group; that keeps going all summer long). I have mixed feelings about this year. We had a decent-sized group – not overly large, but never too small – and for the most part, the kids were pretty well-behaved. There are some kids I will miss terribly, because they are such fun to be around. There are kids I won’t miss at all, and then there are kids I won’t miss, but regret that they are moving on. Strange, huh? I guess it is because I knew that I was making a difference to those kids that really meant something to them, and I don’t know how another teacher will decide to cope with them.

Anyway, it’s over, and Ane was just in tears because she wants to be a Cubbie so badly. So Grandma, as soon as the Cubbie awards were handed, took a sobbing Ane to her “Cubbie cabinet” where she stores all the extra supplies, and a beaming Ane came back wearing a Cubbie vest and carrying her Bear Hug brochure, which has the first 4 verses she needs to memorize to get her first workbook. She was adorable. Then she started bouncing around like crazy, but that’s another story.

They grow so fast. One day they’re yelling names at their brother, and the next day they’re a Cubbie. Wait, that was all in the same day…

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