Walking wounded

So, the Corner was quiet last week.

My allergies are to blame, and I’m in the process of slowly recovering. It started with my nose draining down my throat, creating a terrific sore throat and a painfully dry nose, so I broke out the saline spray and the cough drops and water last Monday. Then it decided to settle in my chest and give me a lovely cough (phlegm included – just for fun, you know). Sometime around Saturday, between Little Cousin’s birthday party and the Mariners game the Webmaster and I attended, I began to lose my voice. By Sunday morning, the rasp was noticeable. By Sunday evening, my voice was pretty gone. I began yesterday as a functional mute – I was only able to speak to the kids in a loud whisper.

The effect that this had was pretty amusing. Ane was talking to me in whispers as well, until she realized that I had lost my voice and I wasn’t trying to make her be quiet.

My voice is now making a comeback, fortunately, and thanks to the miracle of drugs, my head is remaining clear.

However, the Webmaster spent half of last night in the bathroom with an upset stomach. He was unable to keep his dinner down. He is fine now, but is staying home today. I plan on taking the kids out of the house to let him rest for a while.

What a pair we are, huh?

Moral of the story: there are no sick days for Mommy, but sometimes Daddy can get one.

One Response to “Walking wounded”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    June 7th, 2007 19:18

    Isn’t that always the moral of the story?