Wake-up Call

Well, I thought we were all doing better.

Tad woke up early this morning after tossing up in his crib again. Fortunately, no stuffed animals were harmed, and even his bunny escaped being tagged.

The problem is, he’s not sick, he just vomits.

Whatever stomach bug we’ve had does not exactly leave the tummy feeling like it is in pristine shape – meaning that we’ve been trying to be very careful about what we feed Tad at the moment, because he has no clue when to stop eating. And he does have a tendency to spit and gag every now and then, so this just exacerbates it.


Anyway, we’ve had an early morning and an early laundry load. I’m going to be working on laundry all day, and getting some of those chores that got neglected last week due to illness caught up. The bathroom, however, is perfectly fine and disinfected – this is the Webmaster’s work.

So, off to clean. Hold all my calls.

One Response to “Wake-up Call”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    June 11th, 2007 09:36

    At least my laundry today is puke-free. We send a collective “Eew!” from us.