Ane Speaks – maybe she should do the cleaning

What does it mean, exactly, when your three-year-old daughter sees the clean-up job you have done and got rid of a big pile o’ junk leftover from Christmas that was dumped at the end of a hallway, and says:

“What did you do???”


I will admit, my housekeeping skills are not always up to par. I do keep the dust bunnies at bay and do plenty of therapeutic vacuuming, and I keep on top of the laundry (which is a chore with a family of four with two toddlers and a stain-obessed mother), but for some reason, I really got the kids’ rooms tidy this last weekend, and Ane did some (child-like) cleaning up of her own room as well. Of course, she also asked me to reorganize all her books in her bookcase this morning, but that’s another story.

My own room and other areas that belong solely to me are in states of perpeptual organized chaos. I can usually find what I want – it just depends on if I remember which pile I left it in.

Why is it so easy to do things for the kids, and then forget to do the same things for myself?

Example: I just scheduled the kids for haircuts on Thursday. I haven’t had my own hair cut in nearly a year, since I had it chopped off for charity. And, as Friend pointed out, there are professional haircuts and then there are MORE professional haircuts. And I am in need of the latter. Little Cousin’s Mommy recommended her own hairdresser (she gets her hair cut here whenever she makes a visit), and I need to call and make an appointment. Will it get done before our trip next month? HA!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. The kids had bananas and toasted mini-bagels with light cream cheese and milk… maybe there’s a bagel left over.

And on another note entirely… happy anniversary to Friend and Doc! Eight years! Where did the time go?? Congratulations!

One Response to “Ane Speaks – maybe she should do the cleaning”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    June 19th, 2007 12:35

    Oddball has promised me a clean house and a spare room ready to become baby’s room when I get back from Missouri. We’ll see. . . .