Full weekend

Hello from Missouri!

The kids have adjusted very well throughout this trip, I must say. They are their usual rambunctious selves, but they haven’t broken anything yet. The topper was on Friday afternoon, when Tad discovered Belle’s TMX Elmo. That thing is positively freaky, but Tad thinks that anything that has batteries and moves of its own accord is pretty cool. So, Tad was having fun and minding his own business, when Ane saw him playing with Elmo and promptly took Elmo for herself. Tad was furious. He retailated by grabbing Ane’s Dolly, and throwing Dolly down the stairs that lead to the basement – which happens to be blocked by a baby gate so little ones don’t go tumbling down the staircase. Ane freaked out, and Tad’s revenge was complete.

Saturday, I fulfilled a childhood dream and visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum in Mansfield. Rocky Ridge Farm is not a part of her books, but it is where they were written. I took the tour of the house, saw the items in the museum – including Pa’s fiddle, which impressed Ane – and purchased a few things in the bookstore/gift shop. Q-Bee and the Captain watched the kids on the front lawn of the farm while I was inside enjoying myself, since they are far too young to understand why Mommy dragged them out to this house in the middle of nowhere. Ane demanded to see the “museum”, so I did walk her through the museum, but I didn’t take her on the house tour.

We have also visited the HUGE Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, which has several large fish tanks, turtles, ducks, waterfalls and stuffed bears – it’s almost like going to a free aquarium. Ane rode her first pony (yes, I took pictures) at a small, family-run pony ride outside of a quilting shop that Q-Bee found. And we wrapped up the day at Battlefield Mall, where they have a Chick-fil-A in the food court! It had been almost three years since I had last tasted Chick-fil-A!! It was SO good.

Yesterday after church, we had lunch at Cracker Barrel. I love Cracker Barrel. The food is delicious, and the shop is always a lot of fun. Then the kids went down for a nice nap, and were reasonably pleasant for the rest of the evening – which was good because the Captain had invited a fellow captain, a good friend of his, over for dinner with his bride. This couple was married last month, and the Captain and Q-Bee will be going to Chicago for their wedding reception party after the kids and I leave.

I know that the kids are having fun, but I can really tell that they miss the Webmaster, Tad especially. Tad has been clinging to me at different times, but he also really wants to play with his uncle or any other guys that are around, like the Captain’s friend last evening. Ane takes it more in stride, especially since she is older and can talk to Daddy on the phone and have a real conversation (mostly). But I can tell that Tad wants his Daddy. He’s outnumbered here, and when the Captain’s not here, he’s really alone. At least, at home, the numbers are evened up. That, and he has his own room to hide in. He’s sharing a room with Ane at the moment.

But we are having a lot of fun, Belle is so funny and I’m getting to know her better, and this has definitely been an adventure for me and the kids. I hope it continues to be fun!

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  1. Laurie
    July 9th, 2007 10:13

    I just did Chick-fil-A and Cracker Barrel last week, too! Yummy! We had Webmaster over last night and fed him food and drink that you don’t like, but he does. 🙂 Can’t wait to get us all together again soon.

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