Power Outage

Webmaster here reporting from work. Deanna has informed me of a power outage in our area and will be unable to make a post until it is restored.

minutes pass…

It appears to have been a squirrel. Yes, the squirrel is dead. Could be worse; could be this!

2 Responses to “Power Outage”

  1. Matthew
    July 25th, 2007 18:41

    Michael Vick was behind that squirrel-a-put, wasn’t he?

  2. Handy Girl
    July 25th, 2007 21:53

    That’s FUNNY. A bit wicked, but funny. I had to share the squirrel launcher video with Handy Guy. He keeps promising to invent an automatic squirrel squirter attachment for my garden hose (so they quit eating my flower bulbs), but maybe I’ll ask for one of these instead…