Things that I am tired of

Okay, it’s Friday, and I need to take a deep, cleansing breath and get some of these irritating things off my chest. Bear with me, then join along.

– I am VERY tired of all the toy recalls. I hate the feeling of scouring each list, checking to see if we own anything that has just been declared potentially toxic. At least it sort of justifies my book-buying habits for the kids (after all, when was a book ever recalled over lead paint?), but it makes me mad that I actually have to worry about trusted brands freaking us all out with the next recall list.

– Ditto on food recalls. Is the lesson behind all of this that we just need to burn all our food before eating it?

– I am bone-tired of children who do not nap. Can I get an “Amen” here? I can accept the fact that Ane’s naps are only about 90 minutes long. Since she’s approaching her fourth birthday, I am grateful that she still naps at all – though we have to call it “quiet time” now. But Tad… Son, you broke your freaking arm because you refused to nap. And now your body is trying to heal itself from said injury. Trust me on this – you need your sleep!

– Speaking of the broken arm, I am tired of it and grateful that we only have one week to go with the cast. Tad’s hand is starting to smell a little funky, and even though we are going to have to be extra-careful once the cast is off, at least we’ll be able to give him proper baths again and not worry about covering his cast while he eats or trying to wash only his fingers. Plus, he clunked his father on the head with his cast two days ago. We’re not sure if it was an accident. We know that it is still a little tender when he uses it, so I’m not sure he was intentionally clubbing the Webmaster. It will be nice to get a real hug with both arms from him again, though.

– I am tired of not having a new book to read. Suggestions, anyone?

– I am tired of emailing people specific questions and getting no reply. And I know you check your email – answer me!!! Grrr.

– I am tired of the theme music to Wallace & Gromit. I like the three original shorts, the Cracking Contraptions, and the movie, and I’m glad that the kids get such a kick out of them, but I cannot get the theme music out of my head!! Help. Someone help me.

– I am tired of thinking. There is so much going on right now and I am trying to keep it all organized on paper and in my head, but I think my head my head might explode in the meantime. I am coping through prayer, deep breathing, and hoping the bathroom will clean itself.

So, what are you tired of this Labor Day weekend? Let us all go forward with clean consciences to our holiday – and if you’ve got a good book to go with it, let me know.

PS – Auf Wiedersehen, Friend and Doc! Don’t forget, my birthday is coming up (hint, hint)!

3 Responses to “Things that I am tired of”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    August 31st, 2007 05:07

    I answer your emails! But I am tired when people don’t respond to my messages either.

    I am tired of going to a doctor’s office three times a week (for me/baby, for Little Cousin). It’s been going on all month!

    I am tired of having so little of a lap that Little Cousin cannot snuggle with me properly for a book or a hug.

    I am tired of recorded telemarketers and wrong numbers: WE ARE NOT U-HAUL!

    And, yes, I am tired of thinking, too. My brain and body are fried. I need a vacation.

  2. Leighton
    August 31st, 2007 07:43

    Have you looked at Naomi Novik’s “Temeraire” series? You can find excerpts here.
    It’s a reimagining of the Napoleonic wars, but with dragons added in.

    Less recent, but still very excellent: Connie Willis’ “Doomsday Book.”

    It is entirely miserable to be without holiday reading. Good luck.

  3. linda
    August 31st, 2007 08:34

    Hugs, Deanna! Hope this helps. I am very grateful that we do not have to worry about toy recalls. We will probably make all our ‘future’ grandkids toys!
    We can offer the pool to work off your troubles and mind exhaustion. It is only going to be 104 today!
    As for Tad’s funky smelling hand, ugh! I remember Cassondra’s foot smell when she broke her big toe in karate and was casted for three wks. UGH!
    hugs and love (hope this helps!)