How busy? VERY.

This week wasn’t supposed to be this bad. But somehow, it has turned into a madhouse of scheduling issues, appointments, meetings and lots and lots of driving.

Strangely, I have nothing planned for Saturday. Any thoughts as to what I should do on a day off? I’ve got nothing – unless you count the chores that are piling up because I’m driving myself and the kids all over the Puget Sound area every day.

And I’m taking Obachan shopping today, God help me. Or, as I put it to my mother, “I’m taking Obachan shopping. I will try not to lose her.” The woman has a terrible tendency to wander away from me in a store – and more often than not, take one of my children with her. I lost her in a Wal-Mart once. At Christmastime. This was before I had kids, but when I was telling Auntie about this recently, her jaw dropped in horror. “How did you ever find her?” she asked.

Answer: a lot of frantic searching. I can’t even have her paged, because her hearing is going and she doesn’t pay attention to anyone who isn’t speaking directly to her. She would just ignore a page.

Maybe I should put a bell around her neck. Or a GPS tracking device.

I will blog tomorrow, when I have a chance to catch my breath.

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