Cast off – scrub that arm!

Well, we arrived 10 minutes late to our appointment to get Tad’s cast off, thanks to traffic, dropping off Ane, and Costco. Don’t ask.

But the cast is OFF! No, we didn’t keep it. Tad was quite calm as he sat on my lap and got the cast buzzed and cut off. Once it was gone – and I could feel the three weeks of unshed skin cells on his arm, which are now flaking off – I could quite clearly see the two pins protruding out of his elbow. Now that the cast was off, he could see them, too. The nurse quickly wrapped a little cotton gauze around the elbow to keep him from getting poked by the pins, but Tad promptly ripped it off. I did take some pictures of his elbow with the pins in, but just in case you’re a little squeamish, I decided not to post them. However, I will email them to anyone who asks. There is no blood involved – just metal protruding from my son’s arm.

The pins were removed after x-rays showed that there is lots of nice, healthy bone holding things together in there now. Tad screamed and cried while the pins were being pulled – well, wouldn’t you? No, they didn’t give him anything for it – they just had me hold him, and grasp his hand so his elbow stayed still, and started pulling. The nurse offered me the pins, which I declined, but now I’m thinking I should have taken them. They would’ve been a great addition to his baby book. Oh, well.

His elbow is currently wrapped in gauze and some stretchy clingy blue wrap to keep it on and let the pin extraction points heal up. When we give him a bath tonight, we can remove the gauze and clean the scabs, and then just keep Band-Aids on them until it all heals. And, of course, keep him from doing anything too stressful on his arm. You know, like being a 2 year old boy.

In other news, I have finished cross-stitching Ane’s tote bag for school – which starts Monday!! If anyone wants pictures of that, I can email it, since it has Ane’s full name on it and I won’t be posting all the pink letters for everyone to see on the blog. And Tad moves out of the nursery at church this Sunday to begin Sunday School! We live in exciting times, let me tell you. I need more coffee to keep up.

4 Responses to “Cast off – scrub that arm!”

  1. Matthew
    September 8th, 2007 16:10

    As the post was loading on my computer I could see the title. My thought was, “Please don’t have photos. Please don’t have photos.”

    Thank you for protecting my squeamish self.

    I’d love to see the backpack, however!

    Good luck keeping that two-year-old off the arm!

  2. Busy Mom
    September 9th, 2007 06:19

    Yay! No cast!

  3. Webmaster
    September 10th, 2007 11:29

    Yeah, we pretty much failed on Sunday in keeping him off that arm. He wanted to climb on the play set in the backyard, play ball, and generally tear-a$$ everywhere. I lost count how many times he fell and landed on ‘that side’ (I think on balance he fell more on his good side, if that brings any solace to his mother).

    His elbow is still pretty stiff; can’t fully straighten it out yet.

  4. Secha
    September 11th, 2007 04:52

    I’d like to see pictures of both. (Mainly of the backpack, because I love cross stitch, hehe), but I would understand if you don’t want to email pictures to someone you don’t know. =) I’m glad Tad got his cast off!!