If you find my sanity, please return it

Somehow, this week has evolved into a “let’s drive Mommy crazy” marathon. And it’s not entirely the kids’ fault. But, genius that I am, I planned some appointment/meeting/school day for EVERY day this week.

Yesterday, Ane displayed her usual charm and friendliness at the dentist’s office, where she had her teeth cleaned. I kept Tad occupied in the kids’ corner, which is filled with toys (a Duplos table, even) and a salt water fish tank complete with two clownfish (Nemo and Marlin) and a tang (Dory) and swirling anenomes. After the dentist, we went to the mall to kill time and browse around, because it was “too early to go home,” according to Ane. So I turned the kids loose in the play area, keeping careful watch over Tad, who isn’t supposed to be climbing things. Lucky for me, he preferred climbing through the tunnels and coming to give me hugs. Ane, on the other hand, proved her leadership skills once again – she gathered up a group of kids and had them start running laps. I kid you not. Miss Alpha Female was leading the kids as if it was a marathon run. When it was time for us to leave, she had to stop her pack from following her and dismiss them.

Today, I am off to parent orientation for Tad. We have had the speech assessment done, and Tad has been diagnosed with an expressive speech delay. The therapist agreed with me that he can talk – he just doesn’t feel a need to talk. The words inside his head are not coming out of his mouth. So we are going to do a course of speech therapy for him, with an emphasis on training me to get him to talk.

Of course, Grandma, my usual free baby-sitter, is out of town, Auntie is back in school, and I’ve already suckered Gichan into watching Tad this week (when I went to school with Ane). So I’ve begged Handy Girl to bring Handy Baby to my house and watch Ane and Tad here while I attend this meeting. I promised to show her how to work the DVR, and the meeting is only a half hour long. I should be back before she burns through Sesame Street and Curious George.

Have I mentioned that I have really nice friends?

And I was scheduled to take Obachan shopping either today or tomorrow… but she called last night and I am off the hook. She’s getting my Uncle Buddy to take her grocery shopping after her doctor (dentist? I forget) appointment tomorrow. So I am totally free tomorrow. It is a giddy, freeing feeling. What will I do with myself?

I’m sure the kids have plans for me, though. And there’s always the laundry.

One Response to “If you find my sanity, please return it”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    September 13th, 2007 08:26

    I love your blog. Don’t check it every day, but often.
    I’m heading to Lacey to visit Uncle Punch (Virgil) today. Something I promised myself (I have a list) to do during my vacation. Because he won’t be there forever, and he’s my dad’s last brother.
    Then a trip to the $200 store (Costco) which I haven’t visited for over 5 years! Marc and Louise get things for me, but I get to brouse! I’ve been planning, and have some moola saved up!
    Hug those kids for me!