It is official!

As of last night, Ane is officially an AWANA Cubbie.

She wore the vest for an hour before we actually left the house.

World's Happiest Cubbie

She’s only been waiting 3 and a half years for this.

Our first night went pretty smoothly. We have a much smaller crowd than we have had in years past (10 kids), but that may grow as the weeks go on. Ane said her first two verses and got a sticker in her Bear Hug brochure, and if she says the next two verses next week, she will get her first book. And the kid is driven – there were tears when a couple of the other kids received their new books (they are second-year kids who completed their first books last year). She’s got a deep competitive streak in her, if you haven’t noticed. She wants that book, those stickers, and those badges in a bad way.

She’s got lots of friends in Cubbies this year, too: her Sunday School classmates Ken, L., and her good buddy Lina, as well as Ken’s older sister Jane. And both Mommy and Grandma watching her every move.

This is going to be a very interesting year.

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