Lots of rain here

It is pouring down rain at the moment. We did not get a graceful transition from summer to fall. We went straight into Seattle fall/winter weather – rain, wind, more rain.

This is good for me because I’m still trying to make Tad go easy on his arm. This is bad because we’re now all trapped indoors. Ane has discovered the Sesame Street games on the PBSKids website, which is a nice distraction, but she can’t play computer games all day.

Thank God for school.

Anyway, I had a very nice birthday. The Webmaster and I left the kids with Grandma and Auntie (who owed us major baby-sitting hours, and we still have some time left on our credit), and he took me out to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Nara, out in Redmond. We love that place. Their gyoza is to die for. I also got to order myself a Longaberger basket for my birthday, along with the second season of the Muppet Show.

I also have several books on hand to read. A few weeks ago I barely had anything to read, and now I have a glut of books. Not only am I still reading the Michael Palin Diaries (currently in my sidebar), but I just finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan for a new book club we just started at church. I also have a couple of other books checked out from the library: Letters From Pemberley, which is yet another spinoff sequel to Pride and Prejudice (it was okay – harmless enough, but I remembered why I decided not to read any Austen pretenders), and Sovereign Ladies, which covers the six queens regnant of England and Great Britain (which I haven’t gotten to just yet – still working my way through Michael Palin). I also bought a new Star Trek novel, but have to wait to read it until I get the one that comes before it from the library. I think I have plenty to keep me busy until then.

And since it’s raining steadily here, and the kids are almost done with lunch and will be heading for naps, I think I will make myself a cup of tea and take a book with me to the couch for a little R&R. Anyone want to join me?

One Response to “Lots of rain here”

  1. Little Cousin and Baby Cousin's Mommy
    October 3rd, 2007 04:41

    Ooooh! I’ll come. I haven’t had much time for reading lately. How about this: I’ll read (and probably fall asleep) and you can hold and adore Baby Cousin! Sound like a plan?