Ready, set… potty train!

My initial idea when it came to Tad and potty training was that even though he was starting to show the signs of bladder control, I wasn’t eager to start. My hope was that, oh, he might begin to talk before beginning to use the potty.

HA HA HA! Silly Mommy.

Saturday, after absolutely gorgeous weather here and a full day of playing outdoors while I weeded and planted and the Webmaster washed the minivan (with Ane’s enthusiastic help), we opted for getting pizza for dinner. However, once it was time to eat, Tad was too upset to think of eating. We sat him down in his highchair and he began to cry in discomfort.

The Webmaster had been following him around for a length of time, constantly checking his diaper because the boy was passing so much gas that we were certain that we were going to hit the jackpot at some point. But it still hadn’t happened, and now Tad was in some real agony.

“I think he’s constipated,” I said to the Webmaster. “Why don’t you take him to the bathroom and see what happens?”

Did I want to promote father-son bonding, did I not want to witness my son’s pain, or did I just want to eat my dinner in peace? You make the call.

After much pushing, Tad pooped in the potty and was completely worn out with the effort. We applauded him and sang his praises and gave him his pizza (which he now wanted) and rewarded him with a cookie (a recipe called “Texas Cow Chips” which my mother picked up on her last visit to my sister and her family – the cookies contain oatmeal, raisins, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and coconut, among other things). He was happy. We were thrilled. I called Grandma to share in the rejoicing.

Fast-forward to Sunday night. Friend and Doc were over for dinner with the boys. Head is making great progress himself on the potty training front, much to everyone’s relief and happiness. After dinner, I went into Ane’s room to find a book for the Brain to read. Tad followed me in. As I picked out Ramona the Pest (to be read by Friend to the Brain), I heard grunting. Tad was standing in a corner, starting to strain himself again.

I quickly checked him to make sure that he hadn’t pooped yet, then called for the Webmaster, who took him into the bathroom. And sure enough, Tad pooped in the potty again. He was still constipated, so it did take some effort. But he realized that this was a good thing, and he even clapped for himself as we cheered for him.

As I put a clean cloth diaper on him, Head wanted to know what had happened in the bathroom.

“Tad went poop in the potty!” I told him.

“Good job, Tad!” Head told him. “Now Tad can have computer time!”

Time on the computer is the reward for successful potty usage in the Friend-and-Doc home. Tad had to settle for some M&Ms provided by Friend (as I frantically hunted for a treat to give him that would be “special” – he’s not hot on the treats that motivate his sister: gummy fruit snacks and poppylocks, though I did plan to offer him a poppylock. Note to self – BUY M&Ms!! Chocolate is natural laxative). We all had dessert (pear-apple crisp) to celebrate.

So, despite my own personal reluctance, Tad is making strides on the potty training front. He is sleeping in his toddler bed full-time, for naps and at night, and stays in bed even after he wakes up. He is clearly relishing the attention that all these changes have brought him.

Now, if only talking could be the next thing he’d attempt to do. That would really make me happy.

One Response to “Ready, set… potty train!”

  1. Dozeymagz
    October 16th, 2007 06:31

    Well done to Tad!
    And don’t worry about the talking thing!