Our power-less adventure

Yesterday, a wind storm swept through the Puget Sound region. It didn’t hit around here until early evening – our power went out at 5 pm. The kids were watching “Curious George” off the DVR and were in the middle of an episode when – poof! – no power.

Yeah, you can imagine how that went over. Ane started yelling, “Fix it, Mommy! Get some power!” It is not easy to tell a nearly-four year old that Mommy cannot “get” more power.

I had prepared ahead of time, and I’d cleaned out the fireplace and prepped it for a fire, just in case. I had also charged up our portable DVD player. I didn’t break it out right away, because I wasn’t sure how long the power would be out.

The Webmaster got home at about 6:40, and we made the decision to send him for pizza. So we placed a few phone calls, discovered that some local places must have been also powerless, because no one was answering the phone. So we called up my favorite pizza place, Garlic Jim’s, and splurged. Their Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is divine.

While the Webmaster and Ane (who had begged to go along) were out picking up the pizza, the power came back on. Ah, irony!

Still, we had a nice evening eating pizza with a roaring fire in the fireplace. And I get the leftovers for lunch today! Yum.

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