Back to normal?

Well, maybe.

The kids still have deep, yucky-sounding coughs, but there are no nose issues and Tad’s fever has finally broken. The most encouraging sign that he’s feeling better is that he’s begun talking again. While he was really sick, the only thing we heard from him (besides crying) was a constant stream of “oh, no” in a very distressed tone. It broke my heart. I am really relieved to hear him babbling normally again.

So, Ane is off to school today (I have told her to cover her mouth with her elbow if she needs to cough, and I am going to give her a dose of cough syrup – I don’t care what the CDC and pediatric panels think and that’s a blog for another day), and Tad is going to speech therapy as scheduled. I will resume my usual chauffering duties.

And the Webmaster? JURY DUTY.

Yes, it has finally gotten him. He first got called last September, but since he was on contract at his new job at the time, it was no problem to get the temp agency to confirm that his employer would not compensate him for jury duty. So it was deferred until this last spring, but it was in the middle of a planned product release and his manager wrote yet another letter, getting it deferred until now. Then the summons arrived yet again, and the letter that his manager wrote this time was either 1) inadequate or 2) arrived late, as the manager kept putting it off, because Thursday we received notice that the Webmaster’s request for another deferment was denied, and he gets to show up bright and early this morning in Everett for jury duty! He’s taking his iPod, his laptop (apparently they have WiFi available at the courthouse) and a book to read.

If nothing else, he says it’ll give him a nice break from work, which has been keeping him late the last two weeks, and apparently there is a great hue and cry at work because he might be out the whole week on jury duty (his “term of service” is one week or the length of a trial, whichever happens first). I guess it’s nice that he has such good job security at the moment.

I think we’re in for an interesting week, don’t you?

2 Responses to “Back to normal?”

  1. Dozeymagz
    October 23rd, 2007 02:59

    Glad the little ones are feeling better. We seem to have been plagued by coughs and sniffles over this side of the Atlantic too!
    Ughh – hope the Jury Duty is over quickly. I was called about a week after I turned 18 but thankfully wasn’t called up. DopeyDaddy deferred his first call up too, but they caught up with him again several months later. Hope everything goes well!

  2. Webmaster
    October 25th, 2007 15:22

    Jury duty went quickly. I was there for one day in one pool of 35. After the selection completed for the final 13 (12 + 1 alternate), there was about 15 of us left who were dismissed for the day. I called the jury coordinator’s hotline for two days and finally got a full dismissal on Tuesday.

    I would have been fascinating to serve, but right now is not a great time at work to be doing so. We have a product to ship and it largely depends on the work I’m doing in supporting our developers and testers.

    WiFi was a bust. None of the signals, strangely, would let me outside the local network. Very strange. Didn’t matter… apart from the first 1.5 hours in the morning, I was fairly “busy” all day sitting in the court room.