Performing Tad

It is really very gratifying to see Tad start to blossom verbally. Everyone is noticing it, which means it’s really happening – it’s not just my wishful thinking.

His newest trick? If you knock on a door (or if he knocks on a door or hears a knock), he says, “Come in!” It actually sounds like “Ome en” and is extraordinarily cute.

He was also meowing like crazy at Friend and Doc’s last evening – he was trying to talk to their cat, Lucy, by meowing. He’s also done this with my parents’ cat, Wicket. Apparently, he may not be able to speak English fluently, but he can speak cat quite well. Tad was also carrying around Head’s stuffed animal kitty (a grey tabby which we gave him a couple of years ago for Easter – I remember because we gave Ane a orange tabby one that same Easter) and meowing to it as well.

I think I know what to put in his Christmas stocking now.

Oh, and be praying for me this morning… I’m volunteering in Ane’s preschool class. She is not happy about it – she doesn’t need me to be there and I should just take Tad to speech therapy, she says – but I told her that her teacher has asked for my help, so I’m going. It’s only for an hour, and then I will be taking Tad to speech therapy, so it’s not like she has to put up with me being there for the whole time. God forbid I should be an involved parent, you know. 😉

2 Responses to “Performing Tad”

  1. Matthew
    October 29th, 2007 06:11

    First, a message for Tad…


    Second, why do I sense that Ane not wanting you to come to her school will be a life-long thing?

  2. Cousins' Mommy
    October 29th, 2007 07:36

    Little Cousin doesn’t meow at cats, she screams at them. Then they run away, she laughs, chases them and the whole thing repeats.